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Cuban Salsa moves names and videos for your review and practice!

Please note the names may vary from one country to another, from city to city and even from one teacher to another! We have titled the videos with the names we are familiar with, and the video itself may use a different name. Spanish pronunciation may also be a little different depending on the speaker’s language background. Be patient with this and over time you will become familiar with most if not all Cuban Salsa move names!

Scroll down the page and you will find the videos grouped by subject, like Basic Steps, Social Dancing, Rueda de Casino and so on. We are endeavoring to keep this page current and especially aimed at those of you attending our Salsa Cuban Style classes in Winchester!

Vamos a bailar! (Let’s dance!)

Basic Cuban Salsa Moves

Mambo / Son Montuno

Al Medio, Son Montuno, Llevala Pa’bajo

Enchufla Doble


Dile Que Si


Dile Que No!



Improver Cuban Salsa Moves


La Prima con la Hermana




La Prima con la Familia


La Prima (Adios)

Pa’ ti Pa’ mi (Para ti Para mi)

Cubanito y Cubanita

Intermediate Cuban Salsa Moves


Setenta Complicado

Setenta y Uno

Setenta y Cinco

Setenta y Dos