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 A huge thank you to Polychrom Graphik Design E.U. for all of our great printed brochures, posters and clips thereof used on this website!

Dedicated websites with more details on…

West Coast Swing – Dance Classes in Winchester, Hampshire, UK – with Silvia and Max. The smoothest of all dances that can be danced to almost any music!

Zumba® Kids in Winchester, Hampshire UK – Zumba® for kids from 4 to 11 years! A total blast! With Silvia

Sol Yoga in Winchester, Hampshire UK – with Silvia

Dancing Winchester – Our newest website for all Dancing Events from Live Band Nights – Dance Parties and a calendar of all classes presented in various dance styles.

Photography is by Adrianne and Lucian of Adrienne Photography

Salsa y Sol Dance and Yoga Facebook Group

Join our Facebook Group for Salsa, West Coast Swing, Zumba and Yoga!