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A Brief Introduction to Salsa Music

If you are new to Salsa music (especially as used in Salsa dancing) you may be somewhat baffled by all the percussion and other instruments and their overlapping rhythms! Indeed these aspects are some of the main reasons why Salsa music sounds so vibrant and rich. However initially you may wonder how to dance in time, to the rhythm and most importantly in sync with your dancing partner.

This is one of the main aspects of our Salsa classes and to compliment what we teach and practice with you there, we are listing some free listening resources below.

Further down you will find our playlists on – however we now have playlists on Spotify too, which you may play right on this page, or by clicking the link below the playlist taking it to a browser page, or by going to your own Spotify app on your mobile device.

We are creating these playlist with specific themes in mind and hope you find them enjoyable and useful!

Playlist 1: Salsa Tumbao rhythm on Conga drums

We created this list especially for our Salsa On2 dance friends; The Tumbao is often the first rhythm that dancers On2 identify, as it provides the “kun-kun..tak!” for our transition step going into the break and change of direction of the 2 and 6 beats of the music. These tracks have particularly clear and audible Tumbao rhythms.

Link to Salsa Tumbao on Conga drums playlist

Check it out visually, then listen to the music again!

More playlists on Spotify to follow here…


Our Salsa playlists on

We have created a few playlists on  for you to sample Salsa music. You can listen to the tracks on your PC, laptop or mobile device (download one of their free music apps for iOS, Android, Windows 8 or Blackberry). You can also read a brief history of the artist as well as see suggestions for further listening.

This is a legal way to share music online – downloads are available from there through commercial sites – also has a link to YouTube where you can opt to watch the video if available. There are a few constrains to keep this legal, one of which is that you can only skip a few tracks at a time, although you can skip to a different playlist instead of playing the current track through to the end.

One of the constraints that make this service possible is that tracks are played in a different order every time, so please take note of the names of the songs on the playlist but be aware the playing order may be different.

If you create your own playlists on and would like to share them here, just let us know!

Salsa y Sol Playlist #1

El Yo-yoWayne Gorbea & Salsa Picante
Nelida – Wayne Gorbea’s Salsa Picante
Aicha – Africando
Huenouhwo – Africando
Me liberé – El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico
Cuenta bien – Edwin Bonilla
Todo Se Derrumbo – Orquesta La Palabra
Playa No More – Crystal Sierra
Dónde Estaras Metida – Edwin Bonilla
Lady – Orquesta La Palabra

[8tracks url=”″ width=”360″ height=”300″ ]

Chan Chan – Buena Vista Social Club
Insatiable – Darren Hayes
Mambomongo – Mongo Santamaria
El cuarto de Tula – Buena Vista Social Club
Catalina la o – Quinto Mayor
Un Monton De Estrallas – Polo Montanez
Katiana – Africando
Demal – Africando
Todo Se Derrumbo – Orquesta La Palabra
Soledad – Orquesta la Palabra[8tracks url=”″ width=”360″ height=”300″ ]


Salsa y Sol Playlist #3

African Salsa – Pape Fall
Juliana – Cuco Valoy
Ave Maria Lola – Sonora Carruseles
Aprende a querer – Spanish Harlem Orchestra
La Resbolosa – Ray Barretto
Somos iguales – Spanish Harlem Orchestra
Micaela – Sonora Carruseles
Acid – Ray Barretto
Fragilidad – Sting

[8tracks url=”″ width=”360″ height=”300″ ]


Salsa y Sol Playlist #4

Murio el sonero – Cuco Valoy
The Click – Fania All-Stars
Pueblo Latino – Spanish Harlem Orchestra
El Pito – La Sonora Carruseles
Indestructible – Ray Barretto
Adelante Siempre Voy – Ray Barretto
Ke Jaraxam – Pape Fall
La Rebelion – Raulin Rosendo
Mirandote – Frankie Ruiz

[8tracks url=”″ width=”360″ height=”300″ ]


Salsa y Sol Playlist #5

Salsa – Yuri Buenaventura
Bamboleo – Fania All-Stars
Canonazos – Wayne Gorbea’s Salsa Picante
Ya Se Fue – La Palabra
El Pito – Joe Cuba
Strut – Wayne Gorbea’s Salsa Picante
Dame Cinco – Mambomania
Suavemente – Marry Martim
Adelante Siempre Voy – Ray Barretto
Soy Dichoso – Ray Barretto

[8tracks url=”″ width=”360″ height=”300″ ]


Come back again for more lists to be added in the near future, or contact us to add your own!